Sourcing Passive Candidates: The Importance of Facebook for Recruiters


There are 31 million active Facebook users in the UK. As a recruiter, are you advertising to them?


fb-recWhen it comes to social media for recruitment, it’s not all about LinkedIn. Most people don’t use LinkedIn actively, but they do check their Facebook on average 14 times per day.

Facebook is especially important for reaching passive candidates. This valuable audience is made up of the people who aren’t actively looking for a job. These are usually the best quality candidates, putting relevant job adverts in front of them is likely to turn their heads.

By utilising Facebook advertising’s incredibly powerful targeting, we can pinpoint the right candidates for job roles, selecting users by their age, location, qualifications, industry, current role – even salary.

Using Send Message Posts as Job Adverts

When we post a job advert for a client, we tend to use the ‘send message’ post type. In addition to having a much lower CPA in comparison to lead generation adverts, this post type encourages users to message a page directly. This in turn gives the client a point of contact for the user, which is useful for future use.

We can then use Messenger to discuss the position with the candidate and ask any necessary questions, before requesting them to email the client their CV or apply via the relevant web address.

In addition to posting powerful job adverts, Facebook is crucial to help raise brand awareness. In 2017, many people are more likely to search Facebook for a company rather than Google, and lacking that Facebook presence can be highly off-putting.

A well-run page, complete with regular company updates, contact information, latest vacancies and relevant content for jobseekers, can make a recruitment company appear professional and approachable. Managing a business page also opens opportunities to offer great customer service – the rise of Facebook Messenger has made it many people’s first port of call when contacting a business.

What’s more, as many of your competitors won’t necessarily be using Facebook correctly, having a great social presence will put you ahead of the game.

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