Spark a Conversation with Facebook Messenger Destination Ads

It’s been a few months since Facebook introduced Call to Action posts, making it easy for businesses to promote their services with a specific customer action in mind. Accompanied by the rise of chat bots, this opens up a great way for brands to interact with their audience.

With a number of options available – call now, get directions, and send message the top three – using these post types is a great way to help your customers contact you quickly and easily.

As an agency, the post type we utilise the most for our clients is the ‘send message’ post. When users click on the send message button, it will open up Messenger to begin a conversation with the page.

We love the versatility of this post type, as it lends itself perfectly to many different situations, and is perfectly suited to the growing need for quality, efficient customer service. Below are some examples of the ways in which you can use this type of post.

Job Adverts

Job advert

We use ‘send message’ posts for our recruitment clients, allowing us to post jobs in the feed with clear call to actions. We post an eye-catching image accompanied with a short blurb about the job, and encourage users to send a message to the page to request more information or to apply. Since using this post type, we have drawn in new candidates and helped our clients fill their vacancies.

Property Valuations

Property valuation

Booking in property valuations is a crucial part of any estate agent’s business. We discovered that the ‘send message’ call to action works well, as it’s a non-intrusive way of gathering customer data. Rather than encouraging users to fill in a contact form, we let them contact us, and from this point they are more likely to leave their personal details.

Making Reservations


The send message button works really well when encouraging users to enquire about making a booking. This could work for a whole range of businesses, from restaurants and bars to beauty salons and hairdressers. Many people would rather enquire via message rather than picking up the phone, and this post type gives them an easy point of contact directly to you.

How to Use the Send Message Button


There are a couple of ways of using the send message button. First and foremost, you can click on the ‘get messages’ objective directly from your business page. This will allow you to write a post which has an image, headline and of course the send message button already attached.

If you then wished to advertise this post type, you could go into your Adverts Manager and use the brand awareness or post engagement advert type to pick your demographics and select your budget. This is a great way to advertise a send message post, as you will have a two-pronged attack – hitting users through both organic and paid.


You can also create a send message advert directly from Adverts Manager. Pick traffic as your objective, and then when you get through to the advert creative page, you will be able to pick a call to action to accompany your ad.

When using Messenger adverts, make sure you respond to any enquiries in a timely manner. You can even set up an auto-response to ensure any messages get responded to immediately, if this is easier for you to manage.

Using Facebook Messenger adverts is a highly effective way to promote your brand. By calling users to conversation, you are taking that all-important first step towards a conversion, and activation rates from this ad type have been outstanding. What’s more, it’s a great way for you to build a relationship with new and existing customers, and once someone feels connected to your brand, they’re far more likely to return to you in the future.

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