Have you spotted Facebook’s video cover images yet?

Facebook confirmed back in April that it was testing the ability for pages to upload videos to use as their cover images, with gritty Netflix drama Narcos the first page to show off their creation.

Narcos Tweet

Since then pages such as Flixel Photos as well as Netflix’s hit prison drama Orange is the New Black have uploaded video covers, and the test seems to have been rolled out to many other business page users.

Flixel Photos’ marketing manager Cassandra King shared the following tips for the lucky admins who had access to the new feature in a blog post:

• Page admins can upload cover videos the same way they currently upload cover photos.

• Cover videos must be at least 20 seconds long, but no more than 90 seconds long.

• The recommended video crop size is 820 pixels by 462 pixels.

• Cover videos auto-play and auto-loop.

• There is an unmute option in the bottom-right-hand corner for users who wish to view the videos with sound (cover videos begin playing with audio muted).

We are lucky enough to have been able to test the feature ourselves through our Eddison Wells Financial page. As you can see, the feature is a great way to showcase your business’ core products and services, and what’s more, it looks great on mobile too.

Eddison Wells Cover Video

Have you got access to the new feature yet? Let us know by commenting on our Facebook page!

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