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Generated a cost per interview of just £2.45

Our care industry client needed a continual stream of candidates for an ongoing Community Support Worker vacancy. By promoting a ‘send message’ campaign to a targeted audience, we generated interviews at a cost of just £2.45, helping them fill their training courses and take on new staff. In an industry where advertising spend is very hard to come by, it was crucial that we generated a high ROI.

Generated leads at £11.55 for a mortgage broker

Our client, a long-established mortgage broker, wished to generate remortgage leads. Through lead generation campaigns, we delivered high quality leads at a cost of just £11.55, helping them to generate a high ROI. 
Before coming on board with DMT, their advertising methods were solely traditional. Within four months, their full advertising had moved onto social media, due to the continued success of our campaigns.

Advertised a property to over 18,000 people

By posting a property as a brand awareness advert, we helped an estate agent to reach a targeted audience of 18,000+ local people. On a daily budget of just £1 – which is included in our standard package – we generated 8,000+ post clicks and 300+ reactions, comments and shares. (Imagine what we can do with a meatier budget…!) 
Advertising properties on Facebook helps estate agents to reach a wider audience of people who may not necessarily use traditional methods to look for a new home.

Generated over £50,000 worth of confirmed business for a cosmetic dental clinic

By running lead generation adverts for a cosmetic dental clinic, we managed to generate leads at a cost of less than £5 each. These leads were extremely high quality, and in turn helped the client to generate over £50,000 worth of confirmed business, from our first month of advertising alone.

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