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World Cup 2018: Best Memes

World Cup Meme

It’s been a glorious summer. Endless days of sunshine, addictive television and without a doubt the most memorable World Cup of recent years. It seems like a lifetime ago since Robbie flipped the bird at the opening ceremony, before the hosts trampled Saudi Arabia in the first of many goal-fests, and boy, have things changed […]

Our Thoughts On Facebook’s New ‘View Ads’ Feature

View Ads

Facebook has once again sparked controversy this week after making it possible for businesses to see other businesses’ advertisements through their new ‘View Ads’ feature. Basically, anybody can go to a business page on Facebook, click on their ‘Info and ads’ tab, and take a look at that brand’s current active ads. Not only does […]

How User Generated Content Creates Engagement For eCommerce Brands


There’s a real buzz around User Generated Content at the moment and marketers are only just realising how influential it can be for eCommerce brands. UGC can be any content created by a company’s audience, which shares the brand through the use of a consumer’s own social media. Consumers are an incredible source for championing […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s Testimony: The Best Tweets

Mark Zuckerberg

Unless you’ve been boycotting all Social Media this week (the #DeleteFacebook movement gave it an admirable attempt), you’ll know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in front of Congress to give his testimony in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was an odd mix of misleading answers, confused glances, endless awkward silences, […]

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