Superbowl LII Tweets

Best Tweets of Super Bowl LII

The hype surrounding the Super Bowl is great, but as a Mancunian, each year brings about a tough decision between being fresh on a Monday morning or succumbing to the awesome parties taking place at sports bars across town. (Side note - all fresh in the DMT office but devastated that we missed one of the best games in Super Bowl history). However, one thing we can all enjoy is the social media frenzy that comes with the event, and the genius Tweets and memes that are created during the game. The Eagles might have won their first ever Super Bowl, but it was the internet who were the real winners. Here's our round up of the funniest Tweets of Super Bowl LII. 1. #SelfieKid When 13-year-old Ryan McKenna was snapped playing with his phone during Justin Timberlake's half-time show, Twitter blew up and it wasn't long until the teenager was trending....

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DMT Spotlight: Mason

Digital Media Team's newest arrival is Mason, who joins us as part of his apprenticeship from the Juice Academy. Apart from making everyone else in the office feel old, Mason has been involved in a lot during his first week, and we're excited to see how he'll progress during his 18 months with the team!  Can you tell us a bit about your position at DMT? I am a digital marketing apprentice at Digital Media Team. This position consists of working with the content creation team in order to learn from them. I have been given some responsibility with creating content for some clients' Instagram, Facebook and Twitter profiles. I have really enjoyed it so far because I feel like I’m already learning more than I was at college. What attracted you to the company? I was attracted to the company through the Juice Academy. I participated in their boot camp and chose Digital...

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7 Social Media Tactics to Help Drive Traffic to your eCommerce Site

If you run an eCommerce business, you’re probably aware of the growing importance of social media to online shopping. Today our newsfeeds are awash with paid adverts and the latest flash sales, as sellers strive to outdo each other in an increasingly competitive field. 93% of consumers look to social media to help make buying decisions, so if you’re not using social media correctly, now’s the time to start doing so. Here are seven easily actionable tactics to help you drive traffic to your eCommerce site using social media.   1. Create and share great content One of the biggest mistakes eCommerce businesses make on social media is being overly salesy. You can’t be pushing your products with every piece of content you share; instead you should be publishing content that appeals to your target audience. Keep it social, tell stories, and provide value to your prospects and customers. You want to find...

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man utd v arsenal

Who Did It Better: Man Utd vs. Arsenal In The Social Media Battle Of The Transfers

In terms of unveiling videos, it doesn't get much better than watching your new signing play 'Glory, Glory Man Utd' on a dramatically-lit piano. And that's not just because we're biased. The Sanchez unveiling video, posted at 6pm on Monday 22 January, is an artily-produced video that surely gave goosebumps to even the most cynical of fans. Watching Sanchez stare around Old Trafford in awe epitomises that boyhood dream that players cite after their dream moves. Whether United was Sanchez' first choice can be questioned, sure, but he does a damn good job of looking humbled. Mkhitaryan, who went in the other direction, was unveiled by Arsenal in a rather more understated way - fittingly for such a demure player. Arsenal simply shared an article announcing the Armenian midfielder's arrival, exactly at 6pm, which excited the Gunners but was somewhat in the shadow of United's slick production (again, totally not biased...

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How To Showcase Your Business’ Services On Facebook

Adding a services tab to your business’ Facebook page is a handy way to give users a quick snapshot into the products or services you can offer. In this guide we’ll show you how to get a services tab set up, and how to promote these services going forward. Adding the Services Tab By default your services tab won’t be showing, so you’ll have to add it to the page. When looking at your page, visit the ‘settings’ menu, and then open up the ‘edit page’ section. Scroll to the bottom, then click ‘add a tab’. Find the services tab, then click on the ‘add tab’ button and then click close. Go back to your page and click on the newly added services tab! Click on ‘add a service’ to get started, then fill out the form that pops up. Photo: Add a photo related to your service. Ensure it’s a small, square image. Service...

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New Year, New Us

2018 has started with a bang for DMT, with many exciting projects on the horizon! We’ve all just about recovered from the Christmas party, and we were back in work on the 2nd fresh-faced (sort of) and ready to go. The tail-end of 2017 was very successful for us a company, and we’ve gone into the new year with just as much momentum and passion. Here’s a quick look at what we’ve been up to and the projects that are just around the corner. Sweet Beginnings We’ve recently started work on a brand new client - a confectionery company who sells US sweets and snacks via their online store. The client has a fresh new look and are launching a new online store, and need a big social push to help raise awareness of their brand. It’s a brilliant project, and it’s something the team have been more than happy to...

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Instagram’s Biggest Update Allows You To Follow Hashtags

Instagram’s latest update is a big one, as the social network now allows users to follow hashtags as well as profiles and business pages. This is a bit of a game changer - social media is primarily about following other users, but this change will allow you to hyper-personalise your own feed. Rather than having to manually look for content using the search facility (which is a bit longwinded), you can now follow a hashtag and see popular posts from that tag come up in your main feed alongside user content. There are some concerns - Instagram will have to do some clever filtering to ensure that objectionable content or spam doesn’t get distributed by hashtag following. But the change is likely to make Instagram even more addictive, as users can dig deeper into niche communities and the things they care about. Over time, hashtag following could allow Instagram to...

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The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Etiquette for Business

The rise of technology has made social media one of the most essential marketing tools for business of all shapes and sizes. Companies look to social media for increased brand awareness at a reasonable cost, and the simplicity of marketing in this way is appealing for smaller businesses. The risk factor is that - given the fast-paced, essential nature of social media - mistakes can be made with the touch of a button. We’ve listed some social media etiquette rules for the four big platforms, helping you behave appropriately whilst using social media for your business. Do you have any additions to the list? Let us know! Facebook Facebook is our favourite channel to market on, due to its large audience base and the advanced nature of its a dvertising platform. We advise that all businesses maintain a presence on Facebook, but it’s advertising performs best for B2C businesses. Here are some etiquette...

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Generate Quality Leads with inSurge

LinkedIn is a powerful b2b social platform that, when used correctly, can generate high-quality connections and relationships between professionals. Individuals and businesses use LinkedIn for networking, but many people struggle to track down the right connections, or simply don’t have the time to use the platform to its fullest. This is where Digital Media Team’s inSurge comes in. Our fully-managed LinkedIn service does the hard work - so you don’t have to. Within a matter of minutes you could be receiving genuine enquiries and generating new business for your company - it’s that effective. Building a quality LinkedIn network takes time, but our service removes the hard work, allowing you to focus on your day to day role. What’s more, you will establish a solid network of relevant long-term connections, who you can then push your content to going forward. Our service guarantees: 750 targeted connection requests, with personalised messages sent...

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The Best Brand Reactions to Twitter’s 280 Character Roll Out

[vc_row css_animation="" row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" text_align="left" box_shadow_on_row="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text css=".vc_custom_1510150372828{margin-top: 20px !important;margin-bottom: 20px !important;}"] Despite a user backlash, Twitter has now rolled out its 280 character limit to all users, doubling the amount of characters each user has to play with. The platform tested the change back in September, to the disgust of its famously witty user base. Many users complained that the change was taking away the whole point of Twitter (it kind of is), and said that it would ruin the platform. Twitter, however, have taken their test to be a success and rolled out the feature for everyone. Stats from the 280 experiment showed that those with access to longer tweets only used the full 280 characters 2% of the time, and only went past the 140 character limit 5% of the time. Twitter product manager said: "We – and many of you – were concerned that timelines may fill up...

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Dynamic Product Ads

Facebook Enhances Its Dynamic Ads, Giving Advertisers More

[vc_row css_animation="" row_type="row" use_row_as_full_screen_section="no" type="full_width" text_align="left" box_shadow_on_row="no"][vc_column][vc_column_text css=".vc_custom_1509553746026{margin-top: 20px !important;margin-bottom: 20px !important;}"] We’re big fans of Facebook’s Dynamic Product Ads, and we’ve used them to great success for our e-commerce clients. With the competitive Christmas period coming up - and Black Friday - Facebook has brought in some changes to its Dynamic ads, helping advertisers generate more value for money. Here’s a 2 minute look at the changes that have been brought in:  Broad audience targeting This will help you extend the reach of dynamic ads beyond recent website and app visitors. Rather than simply being used for retargeting purposes, broad audience targeting allows you to show your products to more people who are likely to be interested in shopping with you. This means you have the ability to reach new customers and grow your business. Value optimisation You can now optimise your campaigns for purchase value, which allows you to focus efforts on the...

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5 Brands Who Are Slaying Halloween 2017

Spooky season is back, and some may say bigger than ever. With the latest American Horror Story gracing our screens; the highest grossing horror movie of all time; the Stranger Things kids back in town and the return of Jigsaw (shudder), there’s really been no avoiding all things frightful this year. While the rest of the nation was debating whether to dress up as Pennywise, Wonder Woman or Donald Trump (ha), we were rounding up the best brand moments from Halloween 2017. Here’s our top 5. 1. Fanta - The 13th Floor You’ve probably spotted the Fanta adverts on the Internet and beyond, as they’ve gone big on what owners Coca-Cola called their biggest ever Halloween marketing campaign to date. Their ad activity centres around a VR experience set in a crashing elevator. In addition to a 360 video experience on YouTube, experiential works have been set up at both Thorpe Park and...

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