Top 5 Footballing Social Media Moments Summer 2017

It’s July 2017, and bored football fans across the nation have been spending the past two months tracking transfer news (snooze, unless you’re an Everton fan), counting down the days until the new season (38 for the Premier League, 30 for Championship fans) or Googling what actually is the Confederations Cup.

Luckily, social media gives us all an outlet during the off-season, and this has led to some moments of genius since the final ball was kicked way back in May. If you’re missing 3pm kickoffs, overpriced pies and goal-line dramas, take a read of our top footballing moments on social media.

Everton hailed as the new Chelsea

With five signings completed by the beginning of July, Everton fans have reason to be excited for the return of the Premier League. Add to this the return of Gerard Deulofeu to Barcelona and the rumoured movement of a certain Wayne Rooney, and it’s no wonder that the blues have become talk of the town on social media. This tweet from bookmakers Coral sets the tone. 

Everton's big name signing

The SPL is wrapped up already

As the second-biggest team in Scotland, you’d expect Rangers to be able to overcome Luxembourg minnows Progrès Niederkorn in the first qualifying round of the Europa League. Caixinha’s men were all to happy to ruin betting slips everywhere however, crashing out following two second-half goals from the National Division side. Cue Brexit jokes aplenty and Paddy Power joking that they’d pay out on Celtic winning the Scottish Premiership title already. Oh dear.

2017/18 Champions

GTA VI: Georginio Wijnaldum Edition

You can’t blame footballers for making the most of their five-figure weekly paycheques, but boy does Georgi Wijnaldum’s life look good. The Liverpool midfielder has been living it up this summer, and an amusing tweet coupled with some genius Photoshopping led to this wonderful creation. Coming to stores in Autumn ’17. We’d buy it.

GTA VI:Georgi Wijnaldum

Natural blue

Manchester United target Antoine Griezmann looked more like a Warped Tour headliner than an in-demand striker when he showcased the unique look on his Instagram earlier this summer. His La Liga rival Neymar (also a fan of a dodgy do) jumped at the chance to mock the Madrid star, simply commenting HAHAHAHAHA on his photo. Quite. Griezmann’s toned it down since, but we wouldn’t mind seeing those flowing blue locks in the English league.

I'm a Natural Blue

Fooled you

Isn’t it great when professional footballers go on stadium tours just like the rest of us? Oldham Athletic defender Ryan McLaughlin made the most of his trip to the Nou Camp, taking advantage of a photo opportunity to trick Twitter followers into thinking he’d signed for the Spanish giants. 3,384 Twitter likes later, it’s safe to say he’d made quite the impression. Someone even updated his Wikipedia. 10/10.

Barcelona's New Star

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