Top 7 Brands Nailing Humour On Twitter

Twitter is a great platform when used to its full potential. Wit, brevity (despite 280gate), and the real-time nature of the channel are what keep users coming back, again and again. It’s also a great way to connect with celebs and brands in a public arena.

The way a brand approaches Twitter can make or break their success on the platform. Many businesses make the critical mistake of simply listing their products and tweeting snoozeworthy updates about how great their service is, whereas others take the opportunity to shine.

The key to engaging people in the social age seems to be making people laugh – and being memorable – rather than turning them off with a sellsellsell approach. We’re overloaded with adverts throughout all aspects of our life, so if we turn to social media for entertainment, that’s what we want – to be entertained.

Here’s our list of 7 brands who can consistently turn those 280 characters into something genius.

1. Netflix

We live in a Netflix-centred world now, and boy do Netflix know that. They strut about Twitter dropping relevant memes and posting sassy responses to anyone who dares tweet about them. They might ruffle a few feathers (their Big Brother-esque tweet about viewing habits didn’t sit well with some people), but they sure are entertaining. We love you Netflix, don’t ever tone it down.



2. Greggs

The pasty is Britain’s national treasure, and Greggs is pasty royalty. Sure, they might have had to apologise after comparing Jesus to a sausage roll (still funny), but they’re definitely getting themselves noticed. It’s also impressive how they can tweet consistently about pastry products and not run out of inspiration. Well played guys, relevant, reactive and shareworthy.



3. KFC

It seems to be a running theme that food brands are brilliant at Twitter, and the Colonel doesn’t buck the trend. After a sharp-eyed tweeter noticed that the US account only follows 11 herbs and spices, KFC have attracted an increased amount of followers, and they’ve kept up the antics. Whoever penned the viral tweet poking fun at Trump needs a pay rise, stat.


4. Paddy Power

Paddy Power is a bit like marmite, you either love their provocative humour or you get offended. But with almost 650k followers, they’ve got the biggest Twitter following of any UK betting company by some length. We’d love to work with the Paddy Power, they seem like a lot of fun.


5. Mangal2

This humble Dalston kebab shop has 74.6k Twitter followers. Yep, you read that right. The reason? Sharp-witted tweets slating the terribly hipster folk of Dalston and promoting its (we’re sure) delicious kebabs. We’re jumping on the next Pendolino to London just to try one.

6. Skittles

Skittles’ colourful Twitter is weird and wonderful, with followers never knowing exactly what they’ll read next. Here you can see them jump on the #ImAlwaysPrepared hashtag with this pretty gross mockery of the man bun. If you sport this questionable hairstyle, please don’t keep your Skittles in it.

7. Burger King

Burger King are brilliant at Twitter. They never miss an opportunity to troll rivals McDonald’s, and they’re quick to jump on the hottest trends. Although McDonald’s have a far larger Twitter following, the King is living up to its name in terms of quality content.


Who’s your favourite brand on Twitter? Let us know!

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