We Used Facebook Advertising to Get a Date & Here’s What Happened

As a social media agency, we build adverts day in, day out. It never ceases to amaze us just how grateful clients are when we produce results, and how surprised they are at how precise our targeting can be. We’ve said it since Day One – Facebook is an incredibly powerful advertising platform.

So we got thinking one Friday afternoon and, spurred on by office beers and pre-Valentines Day banter, we decided to have some fun. We decided to use Facebook advertising to land our ‘singleton’ Ben a date in time for the big day.

Now, it’s important to point out here that we weren’t trying to be a dating agency. Facebook heavily restricts dating adverts – adverts for online dating services are only allowed with written permission, and they must adhere to strict guidelines.


Facebook restrictions


We ran our dating experiment to prove the power of Facebook advertising in a playful and unique manner. We did, however, seem to wind up many fellow advertisers, who seemed convinced that we would be punished by Facebook and even sued! Some people eh.




We mocked up a video advert in a similar style to a Tinder profile, because we wanted people to stop and wonder what it was as they scrolled through Facebook. It’s not every day you see a personal ad in your news feed! We were pretty happy with the results, and thought that we painted Ben in a very good light.


Ben Tinder Advert


There are 140,000 single women in Greater Manchester who use Facebook. Although this was a very appealing number for Ben to go at, we thought we should narrow it down a bit. We initially targeted single women aged between 24 and 48, who liked animals (Ben’s a big softy).

Our campaign turned heads from the start. We half-expected some backlash from the ladies we were targeting – after all, here we were encroaching on their personal time with a dating ad. However, we didn’t receive any negative comments on our post – it was all very complimentary!




As the days passed, we narrowed our search depending who we wanted to hit. We decided to just target people interested in social media and advertising to grab the attention of other agencies, and then we finally narrowed our search to a tiny radius around our office as the ad spend ran down.

The results we received were amazing. Within the space of 11 days we produced the following:




That’s right, we found Ben a date using the power of social media. On February 14th Ben and Leeanne went on their first date, and we’re pleased to say they hit it off. Could this be the first-ever romance that blossomed through the power of Facebook advertising?! Here’s what our social Romeo had to say about the whole thing…

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard the idea of the ad but I’ve got to say we nailed it!

I think not only did the team show the ability of Facebook advertising, but also that they’re able to think outside the box and come up with new ideas to get the results they’re after.

What’s more, I’ve ended up with a lovely new girlfriend who I couldn’t be happier with.

Isn’t it great when the story has a happy ending?! If you’d like to find out how our team of Facebook experts could help your business, give us a call on 0800 808 9980. Alternatively, drop us a line on hello@digitalmediateam.co.uk.

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