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Why advertise on Social Media?

Social media has become one of the most popular advertising channels, with global social media advertising budgets doubling over the past two years. When Facebook launched its very first advertising option way back in 2005, no one could have predicted that social media advertising revenue would rocket to $31 billion just 11 years later.

Campaigns to suit any budget

Compared to traditional mediums, social media a cost-friendly way to get results – when it’s done right. Gone is the need for flashy TV ads or cash-guzzling newspaper spreads – with the right tools and know-how, amazing ad campaigns can be launched with just a fraction of a traditional budget. Getting results and keeping the costs low? Now you’re listening.

Right Place, Right Time

Advertising on social media is an incredibly powerful way to reach your target audience, and with the right expertise, there’s potential to produce astonishing results. It’s not as easy as simply throwing money at a campaign, however. You need to pick the right advert type, nail your demographics, write killer ad copy and create eye-catching imagery – all before you hit the ‘go’ button. The work doesn’t stop there – ad campaigns need constant attention to ensure you don’t blow your budget, or reach ad exhaustion.

Experienced Professionals

Our advertising experts know how to get results, and work around the clock to ensure your ad campaigns are delivered to perfection. From advert creation and demographic digging, through to optimisation and analysis, we’ve fine-tuned our advertising process and settled on a system that works incredibly well.

Website Traffic

Does your business thrive through its website? Ecommerce store or online recruitment, booking appointments or mortgage calculators – our traffic campaigns send social media through to your site, getting the results you need.

Lead Generation

Do leads drive your business? Using the highly accurate audience targeting options available on social media, our social media whizzes target Facebook and Twitter users that are ready to book an appointment or make a purchase.

Which Platform Is Best?

With so many social media platforms out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. However, sometimes it’s best to focus on a select few channels, rather than trying to maintain a presence across them all. Different platforms have different strengths, and determining which is best for you depends on the nature of your business.

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Check Out Our Package

Your business is unique. If you need on-page interaction, increased sales or website traffic, Digital Media Team offer a range of package options to suit the specific needs of your company. Bolt-ons provide extra personalisation for your package, while our advertising options can be tailored to your exact needs.

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