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Why Anchor Text Is Really Important

Anchor text, or that underlined sentence you can click on, is a vital part of the search engine system. Google really likes anchor text, it helps for the search engine to understand what your website is about and yes that’s very important. When you’re optimising your website to rank highly, you need to take a look at the anchor text on your pages and websites linking to you.

anchor-textThe most common anchor text is a company name, on its own. This works perfectly well for most people reading the webpage as they will recognise the brand name. Google doesn’t think that way. When it reads a brand name, it recognises the words from people searching for the brand. It cannot remember what the brand does. Silly Google. This means that it isn’t directing people who search for what the brand does to your site, it’s only directing people who search for the brand.

The effective way to use anchor text is to include the service that a brand provides in the anchor text. Linking with your brand is great Digital Media Team. We also recommend anchor text such as Digital Media Team, Manchester based SEO, PPC and social media. By doing this, we bring in a number of keyword rich search terms into our anchor text. Google loves descriptive anchor text like this.

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