Monthly Archives: October 2017

Instagram adds interactive polls to Stories

In its latest (successful) attempt to storm ahead of Snapchat, Instagram has addeda feature allowing users to conduct interactive polls within Stories. The fun feature is easy to use, and is available to all users, whether your profile is personal or business. To use the feature, simply follow these three steps: Take an Instagram story photo […]

DMT Spotlight: Daz

 In a rather special edition of our Digital Media Team employee spotlight, we spoke to one of our two Managing Directors, Darren, to see what makes him tick. The results were, erm, interesting! Let’s hear from the man himself. (Warning: Dad jokes ahead.) Hi Daz! Can you tell us a bit about your position at DMT? Usually sat […]

5 ways to improve your business’ customer service using social media ?

Social media is an integral marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes. As well as helping to bring in new customers, it is also a fantastic way to nurture your relationships with existing and potential clients. Forward-thinking brands have already switched their customer service focus onto social media, investing in chatbots and using […]