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Moda Furnishings


Moda Furnishings The ClientLuxury rattan garden furniture seller Moda Furnishings is the leading rattan brand in the UK. Their range of outdoor furnishings is designed, created, packaged and delivered solely by Moda themselves – making them an exclusive choice for homeowners who wish to turn their garden into an outdoor haven. Basing their products on five […]

The Bard’s best backchat


The English language itself can be attributed to the most eloquent man in history; William Shakespeare, who invented over 1700 words. Today, April 23rd is recognised by scholars as the playwright’s birthday and is internationally celebrated as ‘Shakespeare’s Day’. We shudder to think what a world without Shakespeare would have been like. How would we explain […]

Wetherspoons’ best Twitter moments


Monday was a sad day for ‘Spoons fans, as the bargain pub chain announced that it would be pulling the plug on its social media – closing its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts with immediate effect. The move has thrown the firm into the headlines, and Twitter users have been scrambling to make sense of […]

Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony: The best tweets

Mark Zuckerberg

Unless you’ve been boycotting all Social Media this week (the #DeleteFacebook movement gave it an admirable attempt), you’ll know that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been in front of Congress to give his testimony in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. It was an odd mix of misleading answers, confused glances, endless awkward silences, […]