Monthly Archives: September 2018

September’s most memorable moments

To quote Earth, Wind And Fire, do you remember? Narrowing down the vast alternative universe of social media to our personal favourite moments throughout September is no easy feat, especially when it’s all been a bit of a blur! Nevertheless, here are DMT’s most memorable tweets and posts from the past month. 1. Ronaldo’s Red Card […]

5 conspiracy theories that the internet loves

flat cat

We, as people, have always been fascinated with the mysterious and the macabre, resulting in the widespread fan base of horror stories, true crime novels, and the most popular: conspiracy theories. I know I can’t be the only who’s spent their evening browsing through Reddit reading the impassioned descriptions of how the government controls everything […]

How to use Google Analytics to analyse your organic social performance

Google analytics

Here at Digital Media Team, we all know the importance of creating engaging, fun content on social media platforms to build a brand. But how do social media platforms exactly affect your wider website performance? Don’t get us wrong, Google Analytics isn’t organic social’s best friend. Tracking any sort of social traffic using Google Analytics […]

8 animal Instagram accounts you need to follow ASAP

It’s safe to say that we’re all passionate lovers of a Pet Instagram account here at DMT. Our feeds are mostly full of snapshots of adorable animals, followed by the odd meme or Kim Kardashian selfie. And these pet Instagram accounts are a serious business; some of them have more followers than celebrity royalty, like […]