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5 social media lessons you can learn from B2B brands

b2b social media

There are many B2B business owners who think that social media isn’t right for their brand. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Social media is an incredibly useful tool for any business, with each platform offering a variety of features and benefits to market your brand. According to Brandwatch, around 76% of B2B brands […]

PPC case study: Increasing ROAS by 900% for a leading online fashion brand by using Branded & Dynamic Search

Branded Search

A leading fashion brand came to us in December to instruct us to manage and implement an effective and profitable Search and Display campaign as part of their existing marketing activity. The client’s previous search campaign performance for November 2018 had resulted in £4.29K in Revenue with a ROAS of 1.18. By the end of […]

Social media tips for businesses that aren’t photogenic

Social Media is getting bigger and more powerful, especially when it comes to marketing your business or brand. Most social media posts are visual, so in order for a brand to utilize social media as a marketing channel, they must be delivering content in a way that’s engaging and easily digestible. But what if your […]

How user-generated content creates engagement for eCommerce brands

There’s a real buzz around user-generated content at the moment and marketers are only just realising how influential it can be for eCommerce brands. UGC can be any content created by a company’s audience, which shares the brand through the use of a consumer’s own social media. Consumers are an incredible source for championing products […]

Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe

Femme Luxe The ClientFemme Luxe are a current, classy and forward-thinking online fashion brand with a strong social following. With a wide range of women’s clothing for all occasions, Femme Luxe believe in offering a new era in style, delivering the biggest trends at affordable prices. Femme Luxe operates on a global scale, and releases […]

Tilstone House

Tilstone House

Tilstone House The ClientTilstone House is an exclusive-use wedding venue nestled in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Combining the grandeur of a stately home with the intimate air of a country residence, Tilstone is a luxurious residence with a rich history. Now, this timeless property acts as a stage to create something truly spectacular, […]

NEU Apparel

Neu Apparel

NEU Apparel The ClientNEU Apparel is an exclusive women’s fitness brand, focusing on high-performance apparel with styles to suit different exercise types. NEU Apparel ship to UK, USA and Australian markets, with an increasing focus on new USA and AUS markets. NEU Apparel wanted to create new on-brand ads that focused on driving sales and […]