7 fun ways to share your content on social media and boost engagement

When it comes to sharing content on your business’ social media, it’s important to have fun and get creative. Your social profile is your chance to show some personality and humanise your brand, so you don’t want to simply churn out sales post after sales post as this is likely to push users away from your page. With that being said, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut – especially if you’re not from a marketing background – so here are 7 creative ways to share your social media content and boost engagement.

Let’s get started.

1. Interview one of your team members

Interviewing one of your employees is an engaging way to let your customers see a face behind the brand. You could do this in a number of ways, but a great media type to use is a video. This could be pre-recorded or live, depending on how brave you’re feeling!

This idea is likely to gain high interaction and works across all platforms, but it’s especially relevant for LinkedIn, and would be ideal if you’re looking to recruit new staff and want to give users an idea of what it’s like to work for you.

Pro tip: Try using the hashtag #AMA and encourage your followers to ask your team member any burning questions they may have.

2. User generated content

A sneaky way to generate interesting, unique content is to get your followers to create it for you. User generated content is where brands take the best user content from around the web and feature it on their own social media, whilst crediting the original user. It allows brands to tell real stories created by real users – adding life and vibrancy to their social media efforts.

Using a branded hashtag is a great way to curate user generated content, as it gives your users an easy way to share their creations. This works especially well across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Pro tip: Tell your fans that their content could be shared on your page as it saves messaging them for permission if you wish to share it later.

3. Ask questions

You can actively encourage engagement on your page by asking questions to your followers. People love to voice their opinions on social media, so asking your fans for help or advice often leads to great results.

An example could be a restaurant asking users what they’d like to see on a new menu, or an estate agent asking local residents what their favourite thing about their town is. Try this one on Facebook or Twitter.

Pro tip: Post a picture and ask users to guess where the snap was taken – this is especially good for local businesses.

4. Turn blog posts into videos

Blog posts are important when it comes to improving your SEO and driving traffic to your website. However, when it comes to social, video reigns supreme. Turning your blog posts into short, easy-to-digest videos is a great way to get your message across and increase engagement on your social channels.

Remember to use text or subtitles, as many users watch videos without the sound on. This technique will works wonders across your big four platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Pro tip: If you’re not handy with video-making, try using a beginner’s tool such as Animoto.

5. Create a list when sharing a blog

When you do share your blog content, summarising the key points in a list when posting it to social media is a great way to invoke curiosity. It also allows followers to learn something from the post, without clicking through to the main article. People love lists, and breaking down your content into bitesize pieces suits the fast-paced nature of social.

Try this method when posting on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. (Remember there are no clickable links in Instagram posts!)

Pro tip: Make your points short and snappy, so that users can learn something without even clicking through. Sparking curiosity should push them to read more.

6. Make use of emojis ?

This is a super simple one. Many businesses avoid emojis, thinking that they are childish or irrelevant, but they have become a key part of today’s social media language. As long as you’re sticking to your brand’s tone of voice, emojis can add an element of fun to your posts. What’s more, posts using emojis tend to receive more engagement than posts without.

Give it a try on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even LinkedIn if it fits with your brand’s style on LinkedIn.

Pro tip: Don’t go overboard – make sure your post still makes sense!

7. Share your fans’ posts

Another simple one, and another form of user-generated content: share or retweet your followers’ posts on your own timeline. As well as showing appreciation to your fans for mentioning you or interacting with your channel, these types of posts are likely to generate high engagement levels. Sharing user posts also encourages other fans to follow suit, giving you further content to share going forward. Everyone wins!

You can try this across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Remember to ask for permission if you’re sharing photos or videos.

Pro tip: Try to share at least one follower post per week (more on Twitter). It’s a great way to break up your content, add variety and give something back to your community.

With organic reach and engagement getting harder and harder to achieve on social media, it’s crucial that you get your content right. Ask questions, be personal and most of all have fun. When done well, social media can be a hugely important marketing arm for your company, so keep up the hard work!

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