A Day in the Life Of… WFH Edition: Mia

We spoke to Mia, another one of our content writers, to find out how she’s taking to the WFH/ working from home life.

Desk with organisation folders

How have you made the transition to working from home?

I only work two days a week so for me the transition hasn’t been too bad, it’s weird not going to the office and seeing everyone though! On Thursday mornings Aimee, Ruby and I have a call so we all know what we’re doing and throughout the day we’ll message if there are any issues.

What’s your number one tool getting you through this?

Facebook Messenger has definitely helped a lot, if there are any issues or if I have any questions I can just message Ruby or Aimee. Google Hangouts is also great, it means that we can go through everything that we need to without having to type everything up over message so it’s much easier.

Who are you sharing your living space with?

I live at home with my dad, mum and brother. It’s not too bad, if I need help with something dad is always there to help (apart from when he’s on the phone) which is very helpful!

What single daily habit could you not do without?

Everyday I have to get dressed, I refuse to go downstairs in my pyjamas! Personally I think getting dressed makes me feel so much more awake and it breaks up the day a bit instead of just staying in the same clothes all day and all night.

What’s the biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has definitely been not seeing any of my friends. I’m in college so I see them nearly everyday. We talk and video chat but it’s not the same when I’m use to sitting in class with them and having a laugh! Another is not seeing my boyfriend, we’re used to seeing each other everyday.

How would you describe your work/life balance during the current situation?

At the moment I’d say my work/life balance isn’t too bad. If I’m not working I wake up at 9am and stay in bed for a bit. I’ll check my college emails, message my friends and if I want to treat myself I’ll watch a bit of Disney+. Then I’ll get up and get ready, do any college work which is needed and go onto the class call which my teacher will host. If I’m working I’ll wake up at 8am and get ready and make sure I’m at my desk by 9am, then I’ll jump on a Google Hangout call with Aimee and Ruby. It works out pretty good.

Which book would you recommend others to read and why?

I would definitely recommend reading fairytales, I’m a huge Disney fan so obviously these would appeal to me, but they help create a whole other world to distract you from what’s going on in reality and to give you a bit of a break from all of the news. All fairytales have a happy ending so its nice that you know you have something to look forward to! 

What show are you bingeing right now?

At the moment I’m trying to watch everything I can on Disney+! I’ve nearly finished all seven seasons of Boy Meets World which is an amazing show, next up is Gravity Falls and all the Star Wars and Marvel films!

Tell us something about your day to day that would surprise people.

If I have a college assignment I make sure it’s done straight away and I tend to go a bit over the word limit. Let’s just say that my 1500 word essay turned into a 4000 word essay… If I have no college work or work then I spend my time on my Playstation with my boyfriend and my friends. Playing games helps break up the day and it’s fun to do, especially when you’re on with your friends who you’re unable to see.

Ultimate lockdown meal?

My lockdown meal is definitely Super Noodles. They’re super easy to make and they taste so good! 

What’s the one thing you miss most?

Seeing my friends and boyfriend. I can’t wait until I can go outside and see them all!

We’ll be back with our next ‘Day in the Life’ of soon… Watch this space!

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