Case Study: Combining paid & organic social media to drive engagement & sales for Woof & Co

A quick dive into the work we’ve completed for luxury pet brand Woof & Co, who came on board for paid and organic social.


We began working with the wonderfully furry Woof & Co back in June 2019. Owner Carol was seeking assistance with her social media marketing as she wanted to grow her brand and generate sales. Carol and the Woof team had previously been working with a company in India, but this agency was not producing satisfactory results.


Our initial focus was Woof & Co’s paid social. When we first spoke to Carol and gained access to her accounts, we performed an audit on her previous activity. The activity performed by the previous agency was unsystematic – adverts had been run with no consistency in design, and there was no real marketing funnel. We found that there were four Facebook Pixels on the website, which was massively skewing results – the data was showing that there had been far more add to baskets, viewed content etc, so retargeting could not be completely effectively. 

We created bespoke ads for customers at all stages of the buying journey.

Tidying up the ad account and fixing the Pixel errors allowed us to generate some quick wins. By implementing a full-funnel strategy, it allowed us to create bespoke ads for Woof & Co customers at all stages of the buying journey – from first becoming aware of the brand all the way through to making a purchase. By creating relevant, targeted content, we helped drive clicks, conversions and most importantly, sales. We also ran plenty of split-testing, which previously had not been completed.

Shortly after implementing the full-funnel technique, we took over Woof & Co’s organic social media, posting daily content to both Facebook and Instagram. Previously the content had been very simple – images with text overlays pointing out USPs of the products. We knew that content was crucial to building the Woof & Co brand, and our content team jumped at the chance to get their paws on such an interesting client! 

Posting a mix of product photos & UGC allowed us to create a fabulously furry Instagram feed!

By creating a social media strategy that incorporated engaging content, product posts and, most-importantly, user-generated content, we soon turned the Woof & Co social media pages into a close-knit community of like-minded dog lovers. The results were incredible, with clicks, likes, comments and followers all rocketing in a very short space of time. 


Services used:

  • Paid social
  • Social media management
  • Design (web banners, ad design)


Within just a few months we had doubled Facebook page likes up to in excess of 5k, and more than doubled the Instagram likes to almost 7k. We had increased the ROAS from £0.67 up to £7.10, whilst sending over 15,000 visitors to site.

What DMT say

Head of Content Aimee has been working closely with Carol, here’s what she had to say about the project: “Woof & Co’s original approach to organic social was rather simplistic and almost seemed to be going through the motions instead of optimising for their audience. Engagement levels were poor and this was impacting the paid advertising on the account. We put a fail-safe content strategy into place, using the shared interests of Woof & Co’s audience to our advantage. Using a mix of UGC, engagement posts, inspirational pieces and high-quality product posts, we’ve managed to not only double their following, but raise engagement levels by over 70%.”

What Woof & Co say

Fantastic team to work with, always very open and honest and achieve results.”

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