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Online Accessibility: How Accessible Is Your Brand’s Social Media?

The internet seems a place of unlimited accessibility. Everything, after all, is available in a click, be it a product, service or interaction. A life offline has become difficult to…

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Black Friday: 4 Marketing Campaigns That Stole the Spotlight

In the busiest period of the year for e-commerce retailers, launching your Black Friday marketing material can feel like dripping a tiny drop into an endless ocean.  Wanting to turn…

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How To Discover Your Brand Identity

What is a brand identity? Essentially, a brand identity is how your brand presents itself to the public and how customers distinguish your brand from others in their minds. It…

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The Importance of the Social Media Manager

Once dismissively dubbed “the most millennial job” by the Wall Street Journal, in reality the average social media manager does waaaay more than just mess about on Instagram.  Don’t believe…

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Digital Marketing Could Be the Career Power Move for You

Not to blow our own trumpet or anything, but at DMT we think we’ve got it pretty good. As jobs go, a career in digital marketing certainly has its perks….

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5 Brands That Just *Get* Social Media

The latest figures show that there are 3.78 billion active social media users worldwide, and the figure is constantly rising. To state the obvious, that’s a huge market of potential…

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7 Memes That Only Marketers Will Understand

If you’ve ever worked in social media or marketing, you might understand that it’s not always a walk in the park. At times, it can feel more like tight roping across a pit of lava, with no handlebars, whilst being timed (Black Friday, we’re looking at you, hun)…

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iOS15 – Does This Change Email Marketing Forever, or Just How We Look at It?

Email marketing is currently asking the same questions that every other channel will come face-to-face with before this year is out. The rules of the game are changing…

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