DMT visit the B2B Marketing Expo 2019

Last week, DMT packed our bags and travelled down to London to visit Europe’s biggest sales and marketing event, the B2B Marketing Expo, where we exhibited alongside some of the world’s most influential figures in marketing.


After weeks of planning, we finally arrived at ExCeL London and set up shop at our very own genius bar, where members of the team were available for drop-in sessions. We’re an agency that specialises in social media marketing for a variety of companies, so it was a great opportunity for visitors to pick the brains of our team, and to gain insights into how to use social media to its fullest.


The first day was a great success, with plenty of visitors and brand representatives visiting our stall to gain insight on how social media, particularly paid social, can drive traffic to a B2B website. The team were also on hand to answer any burning questions visitors had about paid social, PPC or social media management.


On day two it was the turn of our director Ben, who delivered a talk about digital growth solutions using Paid Social and PPC – especially for LinkedIn. As you can see from the photos below, he drew quite a crowd to Theatre 9!


Here’s what our team had to say after the event:

Matt, Head of Paid Social: The trip was successful. B2B marketing is a new realm of business for us, so it was great to get our foot in the door and gain an insight on what brands want out of it. I’m really looking forward to working on some of our new B2B leads!

Tim, Head of Design: We had an amazing turnout for Ben’s speech – people were swarming outside the door just to listen! We also spoke with some interesting brands and prospective clients, and picked up some great leads, so I’m excited for what the future holds.

Charles, PPC Expert: The expo was new territory for DMT. It turned out to be a positive experience – meeting new prospective clientele and learning about new industries and insights from key speakers/those we spoke with. It brought a new perspective to Digital Media Team and gave us exciting thought for our future.


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