DMT tried Manchester’s most intense workout (Yes, really!)

Last week saw DMT pull on our gym clothes, fill up our water bottles, and head down the road to V1BE Fitness to try out one of their freebie taster classes.

Pulled in by the fantastic reviews and club-like atmosphere, we couldn’t help but sign up for their Upper Body & Abs class, which is 45 minutes long and combines a cardio and resistance workout designed to sculpt and tone.

Yep, we were scared too.

From the moment we entered the gym we were delighted with the friendly atmosphere and were made to feel very much at ease with a free taste of one of their popular protein shakes and a run-through of what the class was all about.

V1BE Fitness sets itself apart by offering high intensity, heart-rate-monitored interval training that gives you an effective workout every single time.

They boast that one of their classes helps you burn calories like no other gym in Manchester.

We had no idea just how true this would be…

None of us were prepared for the next 45 minutes, which threw us into a workout like no other.

With club music blasting and an enthusiastic instructor pushing you onwards, we stretched muscles we didn’t even know we had.

Strapped up to our heart-rate monitors, we pushed our bodies to the limit as we watched our stats flash across the big screen at the front, almost seeming to pit the class against each other.

You can’t slack or the whole room will see it.

Heavily sweating but brimming with adrenaline, we finished the class with wobbly legs and aching arms as well as a huge sense of achievement.

One of our team had even managed to burn over 800 calories.

Just take a moment to think about that. 800 calories. 45 minutes.

Needless to say, we were hooked, and a few of us have now signed up for V1BE With Pride, which is an exclusive pre-pride class held on Thursday 23 at 6pm, which is offering a good sweat and a party with all donations going to Manchester Pride. Check out the event here.

So, if you’re looking for a “fun, challenging training environment that, above all else, will never bore you”, we can’t recommend V1BE Fitness enough.

Prepare to sweat.

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