F8 Conference: The future of Facebook

In Mark Zuckerberg’s latest efforts to turn the Internet’s attention away from the data debacle, he has unveiled several new updates at the F8 Conference yesterday for Facebook and Instagram.

Causing the biggest stir is the introduction of “FaceDate”, a new dating service which runs entirely within Facebook.

Zuckerberg is targeting this at the 200 million singletons on the social media giant. This means you can volunteer to make a dating profile, which is only visible to non-friends.

The Facebook CEO has said this is a great way to make “meaningful connections.” As usual, not everyone agrees…

With the dating service only available to those listed as ‘single’ on Facebook, it has also had an impact on the polyamorous community.

Our Head of Content, Kirsty Allen, thinks FaceDate is a great idea!

“I think the dating feature has been a long time coming, and although it’s probably a veiled attempt at getting more data out of users, I’d definitely give it a shot! Everyone stalks their Tinder matches on Facebook anyway, so this just cuts out the middleman.”

Another big update announced at the F8 Conference was the “clear history” option, giving users the choice to delete data Facebook has collected from sites.

A welcome option for many, but not such great news for all the advertisers out there!

This update comes in the wake of Zuckerberg’s Congress hearing, where Facebook’s data collection was scrutinised.

In another significant announcement, Zuckerberg has revealed that Instagram will soon be supporting video chat, as well as adding a new filter to protect users from bullying comments, a move to make Instagram safer and more appealing to teenagers.

Moving into the future, Facebook will be introducing VR memories and 3D photos, as well as implementing a messenger translation service, beginning with English-Spanish conversations in the US.

It’s going to be an exciting year for Facebook, and let’s hope it all goes well for Zuckerberg. We don’t think he can quite afford another scandal!

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