How paid social can drive traffic to a B2B website

Paid social is important for any company’s marketing funnel. The customer data Facebook has on its over 1 billion active daily users provides marketers with an unrivalled opportunity to use ads to speak directly to those interested in a product or service.

Yet, many B2B companies are wary of using paid advertising on social media, as they see it as a B2C medium and ignore the opportunities it offers. But people who work in those businesses are also on Facebook, and they often respond pretty well to business-related ads.

This ability to use ads to speak to those interested in your service or product not only drives sales, but it also collects leads and builds an audience of warm prospects. You can use bespoke targeting – which enables you to target job titles, specific areas and ages ranges for B2B clients, all related to the service you provide. Once this data has been gathered, you can then use it to conduct a split test to see what potential clients respond well to and to what works best for them.

Paid social also allows you to create lead generation campaigns, which can be a great way to collect emails and phone numbers from prospective clients. And if you have a Facebook tracking pixel installed on your website, even better. The pixel will automatically add anyone you send to your website from Facebook to a custom audience you can then retarget with Facebook ads. This can generate returns of up to 1000% and more!

This strategy isn’t limited to just Facebook, the same can be applied to other social platforms such as LinkedIn. As you drive more traffic to your website, you’ll end up building a custom audience of potential clients who’ll know who you are when you target them with a second ad. The result? They’ll be more likely to click on your ad and take action.

When used correctly, paid advertising is hugely powerful, and any B2B company should consider using it.

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