How PPC can work for your B2B business

It is sometimes assumed that PPC advertising is only appropriate for B2C, ie when you’re seeking to get straight to the customer for the specific product you’re selling. The reality, however, can be quite different, as PPC can also offer B2B companies the ability to capture leads fast and efficiently. In this article we’ll take a brief look at how PPC can work for a B2B business.

The nature of PPC means that when your target market shows an interest in your product or service, you know they’re looking specifically for what it is that you are offering. (For example a customer searching for a project management tool is interested in a tool that can help them organise their projects.) You don’t have to stand around all day at trade shows, trying to catch people’s attention, and then ask them what their principal business challenges are, and even then having to hope their needs match what you are offering. PPC is a much more efficient method of reaching your particular targets than any trade show and a great deal more cost-effective.

The audience for B2B is obviously a great deal smaller in numbers than that of the B2C. After all, you are only targeting businesses and there are far fewer of them than there are people. Also, B2B buyers tend to do plenty of comparison shopping, particularly when it comes to higher-priced purchases or long-term contracts or relationships. This means that it’s advisable to provide a lot more buyer-oriented information if you’re employing a PPC campaign, as opposed to simply promoting special deals that the B2C market requires.

Also, the sales cycle is normally longer in B2B, perhaps as much as six months longer.  So the return on your investment may take much longer to show itself. But if you use PPC in the same intelligent way you would use a B2C campaign – for example with thorough and relevant research, intelligent use of acronyms as your keywords, and with a high level of specificity in your ad copy – there is no reason why you shouldn’t find PPC a highly-effective way of getting your B2B operation introduced to some of your most relevant and attractive new prospects. 

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