How to accept an admin request to your Facebook Business Page

In order to allow an agency to manage your Facebook page, you’ll have to grant them admin access to your page. Most agencies will use Facebook Business Manager, as it allows them to manage all of the pages and ad accounts they are responsible for.

In this blog we’ll be explaining how to accept an admin request to your Facebook Business Page. It’s simple, when you know how!

1. Firstly, log in to your personal Facebook account (assuming you are an admin on your page).

2. Go to your business page. You should have a notification, if so, click onto it. If not, click onto settings, which will be at the top right of your screen.

Agency admin request

3. Once you’ve clicked onto Settings, find Page Roles on the left hand menu (about half way down). 

Page roles

4. You will have a pending partner request. Click ‘respond to request’.

Respond to Request

5. Once you’ve clicked through, you’ll be prompted to confirm that you want to give the agency access to your page.

Agency Access

6. You’ll then be asked to confirm once more!

Confirm request

7. For security, you’ll be asked to enter your Facebook password. Do this and hit submit.

Enter password

8. Congratulations, you have now given the agency access to your page! You can now sit back and wait for the magic to happen. ?

Agency access

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