How to dress as your favourite viral sensation this Halloween

It’s that time of the year again. Shop windows are filled with ghosts and spiders, “spook-tacular” puns are literally EVERYWHERE, and Netflix has been inundated with horror flicks.

There’s nothing quite like Halloween, and each year brings a new array of highly creative new costume ideas.

So, we thought we’d take a look at some of the best Internet-inspired creations and show you how you can dress up as your favourite viral sensations this year (I know, we’re so thoughtful!).

Salt Bae

Who can forget the man who perfected the art of sprinkling salt on meat? Nusret Gökçe is a Turkish butcher and chef, who rose to Internet fame last year after his video “Ottoman Steak” was viewed over 10 million times.

It’s a seemingly cheap costume idea, and you can create your own version of Salt Bae with some snazzy specs, table salt, a white tee, and a piece of meat.

Salt your friends in style this Halloween, but don’t forget to perfect the iconic salt sprinkle before you get there. It would be in-salt-ing not too.

“Cash me outside” Girl

A bit more disturbing, but who wouldn’t want their child dressed as a potty-mouthed brat famous for being highly offensive and rude?

Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie (yep…), took the Internet by storm when a video of her on Dr. Phil coining the catchphrase “cash me outside, how ’bout dah?” turned into a meme sensation.

For the low price of $39.88 (£31.15), you too can dress up your child in the hopes it will become one of the world’s youngest rappers and release hit singles such as “These Heaux” and “Young and Bhad”.

Overly Attached Girlfriend

One for the DIY costume creators, re-create this iconic Youtuber with a light-blue shirt and a large piece of cardboard (be sure you’re going somewhere with room to manoeuvre).

Overly Attached Girlfriend was created back in 2012 by Laina Morris, which originally began in response to a Justin Bieber competition, who wanted a reply to his hit-song “boyfriend”. She now has over a million subscribers.

So, get practising those crazy eyes and be sure to follow your partner around all night, occasionally throwing comments like “I just ran into your ex with my car” and “your Mother must be the luckiest woman alive to have you inside her for nine whole months” for true OAG authenticity.

Moth & Lamp

Perfect for couples, jump at the latest on-trend meme storm by donning some fur, ears and wings with your partner stood by your side as a lampshade. Lightbulb moment or what?

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few months, you would have seen, loved, and shared the many, MANY moth memes that swept across the Internet.

In fact, let us just share a few of our favourites…

Now you’ve all been en-light-ened with our marvellous collection of moth memes (we have more – just ask), we’ll leave it up to you to create your very own viral sensation inspired Halloween costume.

Good luck – and don’t f*** it up.

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