How to verify your Facebook page and improve performance

Getting that all-important blue tick is a big dream for most brands. Unfortunately, unless you’re a big name brand, public figure or media company, that may well be out of reach – for now, at least.

However, getting your page verified with a grey badge is simple – and it offers your page a host of benefits.

Verifying your business page adds credibility to your business page, helps your page get found easier in search results and can instil trust in your followers.

Verifying your badge helps you sit higher in search results.

Why is it worth verifying my page?

While the blue badge signifies the authenticity of a public figure or large brand, the grey badge confirms the authenticity of local businesses and smaller brands.

The main benefit of adding the grey badge to your page is demonstrating that your page is the real deal. This is worthwhile if your business has a common name, or if there’s an imposter out there creating a fake page for your business.

Here’s a list of the benefits in full:

  • Adds credibility to your page
  • Your followers will know that your page is real, not a fan account or unofficial representative
  • Your page will rank higher in search results
  • Page performance can improve, helping your posts and ads reach more people

How to get the grey verification badge

Applying for a grey badge is simple. Firstly, go to your Facebook page. Head to Settings, then click General. Look for Page Verification then click Verify Your Page.

For this part, you’ll need to be the business owner or at least have access to documents proving your business name and address. You can either enter your business number into the text box and click Call Me Now to verify your business over the phone. Alternatively you can click Verify Your Page With Documents and upload a photo of an official document with your business name and address.

An official document can be your golden ticket to a grey badge.

If all goes well, you should soon be up and running with your very own grey verification badge. We’ve seen positive results from verifying our page and client pages, including an increase in page followers, reach and engagement.

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