I’m a Celeb is Back, and social media is loving it!

Everyone’s favourite reality TV show is back on our screens at last!

Even though Ant is a no-show, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! has had its highest ratings in over 5 years, with 11 million people tuning in to watch the Season 18 premiere. That’s the largest number of viewings since the World Cup in summer.

And just like the World Cup and the multiple memes it produced, I’m A Celeb has already gone down a storm on Social Media. There’s no doubt that our timelines across all three major platforms are proving to be just as entertaining as Harry Redknapp’s stories or John Barrowman’s impromptu singing; “faaaabulous!” So we’ve hand-picked our favourite memes, reactions and pictures to everybody’s favourite jungle show!

John Barrowman being extra AF.

John Barrowman is a national treasure. The man can do it all; from acting in various Sci-Fi shows such as Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow and of course Doctor Who, to singing and dancing his way across Broadway and the West End. And now he’s kicking ass in the Jungle, where he recently got all 10 stars in a bushtucker trial. So it’s no surprise that the internet fell in love with him and gave the actor the greatest honour of turning him into a meme:

As John headed to face his first trial, he provided us with an exquisite display of his signature 4 am club dance move that could become one of 2018’s TV moments of the year.

Yes, he did do that. With two and a half weeks in the jungle left to go, there are already signs that he could be the next King…AND Queen of the Jungle!

The Nation falls in love with The Governess.

Everyone’s favourite chaser (she is, don’t @ me) Anne Hegerty has opened up about how she decided to go into the jungle, despite suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome, in a bid to raise awareness of the condition. Since she opened up to fellow campmate Rita in the first episode of the show, the internet has had nothing but love and support for the tea time quizzer.


Hearts across the UK melted when DIY presenter Nick Knowles gifted Anne his luxury item – a pillow intended for anyone who needed it the most. Social media users love her, but many have found themselves relating to the Chaser – facing similar struggles in every day life to her trials in the jungle:

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Anne is definitely meme-worthy, but her just enduring the jungle with her condition is enough to want to gift her the 2018 crown!


Harry Redknapp loves a good story.

Who knew it? The former Tottenham and Bournemouth manager become a captivating storyteller; from a safari in South Africa, to not recognising royalty, Harry has an abundance of tales during his career and life. And while people are loving his stories, social media is loving turning him into a meme:

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He also very relatable when it comes to food. This would us if we were faced with jungle food every day!


Best of the rest…

There are so many other memes and memorable moments from I’m A Celeb and there are sure to be plenty more, but for now, we’ll leave you with the remaining favourites of ours!


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