January’s best social media moments

A month into 2019 and we’ve already seen some crazy and memorable moments across social media.

With everyone skint from Christmas, and no longer indulging in daily festive drinks, it’s only logical that people took to social media to voice their opinions on what was happening in the world. So here at DMT, we picked our best and favourite top moments from across the social universe!

1. Twitter goes mad for the Ted Bundy documentary series

Netflix is no stranger to a documentary about crime and murder, especially when it comes to serial killers. Their latest offering, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, is an original crime docuseries about the most famous murderer in American history. Ted Bundy was a serial killer, kidnapper, rapist, and necrophile who was executed in 1989 after confessing to his crimes. The Netflix series focuses on his horrific acts and centres around interviews with him before his execution. Along with an upcoming film starring Zac Efron, it’s no surprise tha everyone on Twitter is talking about Bundy.

One of the darker sides of this craze is that people (particularly teenage girls) are finding Ted Bundy attractive, monobrow and all. If you watch the documentary, this might not be that shocking as many of his victims who survived said that he managed to deceive them because he was handsome. So it’s a bit understandable that people fancy him…maybe? Either way, the debate broke the internet.


2. Piers Morgan fights pretty much everyone, including a bakery

Like Katie Hopkins and Donald Trump, Piers Morgan is fast becoming a controversial figure on social media. In the space of just one month he’s found a way to argue with pretty much every liberal minded person on Twitter. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but he’s certainly no stranger to stirring up controversy.

So yes Piers has pretty much annoyed the majority of left-wing Twitter and has continued to do so. The irony is not lost that for someone who is so against ‘generation snowflake,’ he spends an awful time complaining and ranting against the most minor of issues. Unfortunely, it looks like he’s not going to stop anytime soon! Pack it in Piers!

3. Manchester United find form under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

As much as it pains me to write this (I’m a Liverpool fan), the other red half of the office insisted it was included. And to be fair, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has done a brilliant job in picking United out of their poor form. They have eight wins out of eight games since the Norwegian took over as interim manager. These relative highs are more appreciated by fans because they follow last years lows under Mourinho, which left a large gap between United and the top of the table (*cough* Liverpool top of the league! – 29/01/19 *cough*). Of course, social media has had a lot to say about Solskjaer’s managerial spell so far.

But as Solskjaer is just an interim manager, it doesn’t secure him the job for next season. Many United and other football fans took to Twitter to speculate and voice their opinions on whether this excellent spell of games would affect the permanent manager decision.

Whatever the decision is at the end of the current season, it is undeniable that the ex-player turned manager has completely turned United’s fortunes around. And he’s made our Commerical Manager Ben’s dreams come true…

4. Outrage over Ant & Dec’s NTA win

When the National Television Awards aired earlier this month, a furious social media outburst came from viewers who watched Ant McPartlin in left in tears when collecting his award alongside partner Dec Donnelly. Many were confused by the fact Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield were pitted against each other in the nominations, despite working together on This Morning and Dancing On Ice, while Ant and Dec were nominated as one.


Arguably, it was a little strange the way the nominations turned out, however, there were plenty of people to point out to the outraged viewers that the awards were all voted for by the public. And of course, people also showed their love for the presenter duo.

Should they have won or shouldn’t they? Only one thing is for certain, as summed up by this Twitter user:

*BONUS* – Our favourite Tweet of the Month

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