May’s best social media moments

It’s been a busy month for social media, with plenty of exciting topics and moments happening throughout the past 31 days. From Manchester City’s treble win to Nigel Farage covered in milkshake, the internet has had plenty to say. Once again we’ve narrowed down our select few moments that stood out above the rest. Here are our top 4 choices below:

1. Grumpy Cat passes away

Hearts across the internet were broken when they woke up to the news that Tardar Sauce, aka Grumpy Cat, had died. She passed away in the arms of her owner at the age of 7 years old following complications from a urinary tract infection. Understandably, the sudden death of everyone’s favourite online superstar led to an outpour of emotion from users on social media.

Grumpy Cat’s following is huge, with her Instagram account having over two million followers. Her face starred in thousands of memes, leading to many people choosing to share them again as well as creating new ones after her death.

RIP Grumpy Cat.

2. Football fans go crazy over the Champions League semi-finals

Having two English teams through to the final of football’s most prestigious competition is pretty rare. However, Tottenham and Liverpool have defied the odds and will be facing each other for the trophy in June. Prior to last season, however, it had been six years since a single English team had made the final!

Both teams produced some outstanding, if not the greatest, comebacks in all of football. Going into the semi-finals from the first leg, Liverpool were 3-0 down to footballing giants Barcelona, and Spurs were trailing Ajax 1-0. Liverpool did the unthinkable and destroyed Barcelona at Anfield 4-0. Liverpool fans everywhere (myself included) went crazy at the final whistle and took to social media. Louis Theroux did too!

Spurs, on the other hand, shocked the football world with a last-minute winning goal. Early on in the game, Ajax scored two to make the overall score 3-0 – an impossible task for Spurs to come back? Well, Lucas Moura wasn’t having any of it. He scored a hat-trick, including a vital 90+6′ minute goal to send Tottenham through.

Both semi-final performances were absolutely ridiculous, and whoever emerges victorious on June 1st will have earned it on the back of those performances alone.

3. Eurovision

Let’s be real. The best part of Eurovision is the countless memes and tweets that come out of the European singing competition. And this year was no exception with Australia’s Kate Bush wannabes, the UK coming last once again, and Madonna being overshadowed by a Eurovision supergroup.

The competition was eventually won by Duncan Lawrence from The Netherlands, much to my disappointment. Italy was robbed!

4. Game of Thrones finally ends


After 8 seasons, the last ever episode of Game of Thrones finally aired in May. The past season had many mixed reactions from fans of the show, and the series finale was no different with many viewers taking to social media to express their feelings on the episode – especially with who ended up sitting on the Iron Throne.

And of course, there was that death.

Even though many felt the episode was underwhelming, there were still plenty of memes to come out of the last episode. Here are a few of the office’s favourites!

*BONUS* Our favourite Tweet of the Month

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