National Fish & Chip Day: Best (and worst) chippy names

Today (June 1) marks National Fish & Chip’s day and us Brits won’t hesitate to celebrate by nipping down to the local chippy for a battered cod and chips.

Each year, Britain spends on average about £1.2 billion on fish and chips, so whether you’re a cod, haddock, roe or plaice person, honour our national dish by heading down to the nearest chip shop and ordering a meal fit for royalty.

There’s nothing quite like biting into those grease-laden ‘chippy’ chips and it’s almost tradition these days for them to be served at a plaice with a brilliantly fishy pun in its name.

We took to Twitter and rounded up some of the best (and worst) chippy names across Britain.

They weren’t so bad (cod do batter!). If you’re now drooling or cringing, be sure to get a chippy tea tonight because this is one of the most fintastic days of the year.

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