Bamford Contract Services

The Client

Bamford Contract Services has provided permanent, temporary and contract staffing solutions to the construction, engineering and food industry sectors for more than 25 years.

Throughout the North West and Yorkshire, Bamford supply flexible workforce solutions to the public and private sector, priding themselves on their cost-effective, ethical and reliable work.

The Challenge

Despite a history of success in sourcing candidates through other channels, Bamford struggled on social media. Lacking the time to personally manage their Facebook account, Bamford had resorted to an automated system that posted basic job advertisements.

Their business page lacked personality and did not get across the key qualities – cost-effective, ethical, reliable – that form the cornerstone of the Bamford brand.

There were very few applications through Facebook and many of the users that clicked on the advertisements were failing to complete the application form.

Our Solution

To begin, we revamped Bamford’s Facebook page. Rewriting the on-page information and updating Bamford’s branding made the page far more appealing to potential applicants.

Next, we looked at job advertisements. Adding attention grabbing images, streamlining the content and simplifying the layout attracted more interest in the posted positions, with our posts far more likely to stand out in an increasingly crowded Facebook timeline.

Using Facebook’s “Boosted Posts” function, we targeted Bamford’s posts to potential candidates based on their employment background and their location. By creating a specific demographic, we massively increased the likelihood that a suitable applicant would see an advert.

With a solid strategy to attract applicants, we now needed to figure out why very few users completed Bamford’s application form. Studying their Facebook audience stats, we found that over 90% of users engaged with Bamford’s posts on a mobile phone.

Bamford’s website was not optimised for mobile. Furthermore, most people do not have a copy of their CV on their phone, making a full application impossible. As a solution, Digital Media Team created a Facebook Response Page that was mobile-friendly and did not require a CV. This resulted in an increase in completed applications, giving Bamford a warm lead that could be contacted about the position and other roles in the future.

The Result

We were delighted with our impressive result, as were Bamford Contract Services. Within two months, we saw the following results.

  • Increased the total reach of the Facebook content by 1702% (from a total reach of 1016 in the two month prior to our takeover to 18,313 in the two months following)
  • Increased the average post reach by 2377% (from an average of 9.6 per post to 237.8 per post)
  • Increased reactions/comments/shares by 8085%

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