Carr & Hume

The Client

Carr & Hume are an estate agent that is steeped in history. With over 30 years’ experience in property sales and management, they have become a well-recognised name within the Salford area, and they pride themselves on customer service.

Their highly trained and knowledgeable staff possess both experience and expertise, and are able to handle all property needs in a professional manner.

The Challenge

As a leading estate agent, Carr & Hume cited lack of time as the key reason for seeking social media assistance. They knew they needed to be updating their social accounts, but they were struggling to post regular content.

They also had very traditional branding, and were keen to slowly introduce some modernity to their style, whilst keeping a focus on their history and experience.

Our Solution

When we first began work on the Carr & Hume page, they had a very small audience and engagement levels were low. We knew the first thing we needed to do was refresh the page appearance, so we changed the traditional looking cover photo to something more modern. We also optimised the profile image so that it looked clearer and more eye-catching. We also added a ‘Call Now’ button so that mobile users could easily contact the client.

Once the page was refreshed, we began posting regular content to provide value to Facebook users. We chose a mix of local news, industry updates and personal stories from the client. We wanted to inject some personality into the brand, and engage the local audience.

Our next focus was growing the audience. We used a page like campaign using images of the local area, a familiar sight for local residents. This advert was targeted at nearby homeowners, putting Carr & Hume in front of the exact people they were looking to market to.

As the page grew, we began posting new properties onto the page in the form of photo albums. We posted these with short descriptions and a call to action, pointing people towards calling the client. We wanted to keep people on Facebook and off sites such as Rightmove, as our aim was to ‘cut out the middle man’.

To get an extra push on the page likes, we ran a competition with a local restaurant. This helped us engage further with the local audience, and we received great feedback from the entrants.

We have since helped Carr & Hume to rebrand, and launched their new look to an audience of almost 2,000 local Facebook users.

The Result

Today, the Carr and Hume page reflects positively on such a knowledgeable and experienced client. Here are the results we have generated:

    • Total page likes have grown from 56 to 1718, an increase of over 1673%.
    • Built an audience of local homeowners, which we can now use to target our advertising to.
    • Increased average organic reach by over 3000%, allowing us to get our posts in front of a targeted, engaged audience.

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