The Client

Dimitri’s is a well-established Greek restaurant located in Manchester city centre. The restaurant is popular and well-loved, with a loyal customer base.

Most famous for its platters and mezes, Dimitri’s brings the taste of Greece to Manchester, and also hosts live music each weekend.

The Challenge

Dimitri’s already enjoyed a large presence on Facebook and Twitter, but as a very busy restaurant, staff were struggling to post regularly. 

Posts had become very infrequent and there was no consistency with the style of content going out. 

Despite being a successful restaurant with plenty of photo opportunities, they also did not have an Instagram account when we approached them.

Our Solution

Our first task was to give their Facebook page a full makeover. Before we took over the page, the cover photo was very busy and didn’t really portray the restaurant as best it could. We decided to switch this to an attractive photo of the restaurant front, which was very well received by their followers.

We started to post regular content on the page, helping inform people of events and deals taking place at the venue. Due to their already large follower-base, content tends to do very well, and we continued to grow this audience by inviting anyone who interacted with our posts. 

With the page looking well-refreshed, we began advertising. We started a page like campaign, using the stunning image of the restaurant, which immediately produced great results. 

We also ran regular engagement adverts to promote specific products. This was one thing the page was lacking – before the client had solely relied on organic content.

We also set up an Instagram account, allowing us to share beautiful images of the restaurant, the food and the infamous atmosphere enjoyed within the venue.

The Result

  • Total page likes have grown from 9,547 to over 10,000, over the course of just one month.
  • Page views have increased by over 12,000%, increasing brand awareness and exposure.
  • Check-ins have risen to 39,524, proving that people are interacting with the Facebook page when visiting the venue.

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