The Client

Funkifabrics is an online fabrics store which exists to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and independent creators who are looking for the perfect fabric for a whole host of different sports, hobbies and projects. 

Funkifabrics is owned by Friedman’s Ltd, a premier supplier of printed and foil-decorated stretch fabrics, supplying some of the biggest companies in the UK with large wholesale orders.

The Challenge

The client wished to hand over their Facebook account to us in order to grow their audience and increase brand awareness.

They also wished to start building up a US audience, as they identified the US as a lucrative potential customer base.

As a very successful customer, they cited time constraints as the biggest need for social media management. They also wanted us to come up with a tailored advertising strategy to help increase online sales.

Our Solution

We firstly gained access to both Funkifabrics and Friedman’s Facebook pages. We gave both pages a makeover and began posting regular content. We set up page like campaigns to begin growing the audience at a steady rate.

During month one of the service, we ran a competition for Funkifabrics in which we targeted a US audience, offering them the chance to win a fabric bundle. The competition was a huge success, and led to us growing the audience massively.

We also set up click-to-website campaigns targeting a US audience, helping build and increase relevant site traffic of users that are interesting in the products. From this we ran dynamic product adverts, which retargeted non-converting site traffic from the previous 30 days. These ads made use of a product catalogue, serving users a carousel of products they have recently viewed.

We also set up a second competition, targeting a UK audience, which was a huge success. 

In terms of content, we researched buyer personas and published content that would appeal to each of these types of customer. We also shared user-generated content, encouraging users to send in their creations. This type of content tends to generate great engagement levels.

We have recently took over the client’s Instagram, giving us a two-pronged attack on social media.

The Result

We have produced some amazing results on the Funkifabrics page in just a short space of time. We generated the following:

  •  Page likes have increased by 76%, taking the client up to almost 10,000 likes.
  • We generated an ROI of £14.50 for every pound spent, via our dynamic product ads. We spent £1,993 on one campaign, generating over £29,500 in sales. 
  • We helped the client break into a lucrative American audience, resulting in over 3,000 page likes from US users.

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