Homes for Burscough

The Client

Housing developer Bloor Homes wished to run a campaign for a proposed development in Burscough. The plans were for a residential development which would see up to 124 new homes, including a provision of affordable homes and high quality family homes.

In preparation for the planning application, Bloor wanted to build interest and collect data, and looked towards running a social media campaign to do so.

The Challenge

We needed to generate interest in the proposed development without triggering too many negative responses. We were aware of the potential backlash this type of campaign could cause, and so brand protection was one of our key concerns. Any negative comments would need to be dealt with swiftly in order to prevent further issues.

The campaign was to run over four weeks initially, so we needed to ensure that a positive momentum was kept up throughout its duration. We needed to spend our budget in an efficient way so as to generate the most leads.

Our Solution

Our first move was to create the ‘Homes for Burscough’ brand which would be used across a Facebook page and landing page. We kept this simple, using the Bloor Homes navy blue and clear, eye-catching text.

We then set up a basic landing page, which would be used to collect the contact details of those interested in the homes. This was kept very simple, and included a quick description of the development, photos, a link to Bloor Homes and a contact form.

Once we had created the landing page, we set up a Facebook page from which to run advertising. We used the artist impressions of the development as the cover photo, creating a crisp, inviting appearance for the page. We utilised the ‘Sign Up’ call to action, which linked to the landing page, in order to generate organic sign ups from anyone who visited the page.

In terms of advertising, we ran a click to site campaign, pointing people towards our landing page. We ran three adverts to begin with, and then tracked their performance to find out which was running at the lowest cost. This advert was then used as the sole advert for the remainder of the campaign.

We targeted people who were likely to be looking for a new home, and sent our adverts out using a radius local to the development site. When the campaign went live, we monitored the comments and dealt with any negative responses.

The Result

Our campaign was a huge success, and our client was extremely satisfied. By the end of the campaign, we had gathered the following results:

  • 3,404 link clicks generated from our click to site campaign
  • 270 leads produced from our landing page
  • Reached 84,048 unique people through our advertising

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