Housing the Powerhouse

The Client

Housing the Powerhouse is a campaign launched by a number of housebuilders, investors and developers who want to see an increase in the number of homes built in Greater Manchester.

Concerned about the potential for a ‘London-style housing crisis’, the group wants to see a more ambitious housing plan put into place, one that matches Greater Manchester’s vision as the engine of the Northern Powerhouse, and makes sure everyone has the opportunity to live in a home of their own.

The Challenge

Although the Housing the Powerhouse campaign had gained a modest following on Twitter, there was no Facebook page in place when we were handed the project. Twitter is a great channel for this type of campaign, but fails to connect with users on a personal level, and this is where we believed that Facebook would thrive.

The client wished to use Facebook to raise awareness of the campaign, and to increase sign ups via the form on their website.

Our Solution

Our first step was to set up the Facebook page. Due to the strong branding the client already had in place, it was easy to set up an attractive page, which we knew would draw users in. We used content off the website to fill in the on-page information, and utilised the call-to-action button to send people through to the sign-up page on the site.

Once the page was in place, we began to post content. We provided daily content to give the page some life, using a mixture of relevant news stories and content from the Housing the Powerhouse website. Finding content was easy, as the housing crisis was a huge talking point at the time. This boded well for future engagement on the page.

We utilised two types of advert campaigns in order to connect with the public. The first was a lead generation campaign, which encouraged users to sign up to support the campaign. Using a strong ‘Manchester Needs You’ call to action, we targeted a demographic we believed would feel strongly about the need for more affordable housing in Manchester.

The second type of advert we used was a page like campaign, in order to grow the audience of the page. The two advert types complemented each other perfectly, without affecting either’s performance.

The Result

The results of our campaign were fantastic, and the client agreed wholeheartedly. Within the space of a month we produced the following results:

  • Generated over 1500 page likes (both organically and via our paid advertising)
  • Produced 532 leads
  • Reached over 300,000 people

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