Moda Furnishings

The Client

Luxury rattan garden furniture seller Moda Furnishings is the leading rattan brand in the UK. Their range of outdoor furnishings is designed, created, packaged and delivered solely by Moda themselves – making them an exclusive choice for homeowners who wish to turn their garden into an outdoor haven.

Basing their products on five core elements, they offer a range of affordably luxurious furniture. Their five values are: quality, affordability, uniqueness, functionality, and visual appeal. They wanted to promote these values – and their USPs of a seven-year guarantee on all products – throughout their social presence.

The Challenge

The client was undergoing a change of branding and wanted to increase their social profile in order to match this new, sleek style. Social media provides the perfect stage on which to launch and showcase a brand, which was ideal when the client was previously restricted to their showrooms and more traditional forms of marketing.

The client had multiple social media accounts which needed condensing and refreshing. They wanted to use social to tell their new brand story, in addition to increasing brand awareness, boosting footfall to their showrooms and, ultimately, driving product sales via social advertising.

Our Solution

We began by optimising the four social channels we were going to utilise for Moda – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We would be focusing our advertising on Facebook and Instagram primarily, and using the other two platforms for brand awareness. We carried their new brand identity throughout each platform, ensuring each channel looked the part ahead of implementing our content and advertising service.

Once each channel was ready, we began to post regular content, promoting Moda’s products and USPs. We began our service in early spring, giving us time to promote the brand ahead of the summer months – the client’s peak season. The client wished to increase brand awareness and build their audience, giving us a solid audience for which us to push our content out to.

We built a bespoke advertising strategy that would allow us to reach customers at all points of the conversion funnel. Our multi-faceted approach included brand awareness, website conversion ads and a retargeting strategy using DPAs.

We optimised our campaigns around ad scheduling, with a large focus on optimising cold traffic to provide strong retargeting pools. We used a range of conversion and optimisation ad sets from brand awareness, measuring our success on ad-uplift time through to users adding to cart.

We also published weekly blogs to encourage purchases on the client's website.

The Result

We had a incredible first season with Moda, giving us a strong base from which to go forward into the winter months. Our initial results were as follows:

  • Generated a cost per purchase of £28 for a product with an average order value of £1,500
  • Built an audience of over 60,000 targeted Facebook users, and over 10k on Instagram
  • Generated over £541,000 in revenue from paid, organic and content

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