New Homes For Boothstown

The Client

Housing developer Peel wished to run a campaign for a proposed housing development in Boothstown. The proposed development would see hundreds of new family homes built in the Salford area. 

The Challenge

We needed to generate interest in the proposed housing development, without triggering too much negativity from the public. We were aware of the potential backlash, with traffic a key problem in that area. Any negative comments would need to be dealt with, in order to protect the brand.

The project was set to run over the course of around five weeks, giving us plenty of time to build a positive momentum.

Our Solution

The client already had a Facebook page set up with attractive branding. We added a ‘sign up’ button as a call to action, which directed users to the client’s landing page where they could register their interest.

The next step was to create adverts, keeping inline with the client’s branding. We used artist’s impressions of the development alongside stock images, and tied everything together with the recognisable teal of Peel’s branding. 

In terms of advertising, we ran a click to site campaign, pointing people towards the Boothstown landing page. We ran three adverts to begin with, and tracked their performance to find out which was running at the lowest cost. This advert was then used as the sole advert for the remainder of the campaign.

We targeted local people who were likely to be looking for a new home, sending our adverts out using a radius local to the proposed development site. When the campaign was live, we monitored comments and handled any negative responses.

Our Solution

Our campaign was an all-round success, and we generated the following results:

  • 4,385 link clicks via our click to site campaign
  • This was a cost of 23p per link click
  • Our adverts generated 305,357 impressions

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