Sweet and Glory

The Client

Sweet and Glory is a confectionery retailer based in Manchester. The brand was launched by Worldwide Confectionery - a wholesale confectionery company - who wished to start a new arm of the company with the intention of selling American candy and treats to the public.

The Challenge

As a new brand, Sweet and Glory did not have any presence on social media. They wanted to set up social media pages in preparation for the launch of their new eCommerce site. 

The challenge was to raise awareness of the Sweet and Glory brand and to generate social buzz before their site went live, to encourage sales.

Our Solution

We began by setting up their three key social channels - Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Once all three were created and branded up, we began to post eye-catching product imagery and relevant content.

We also set up a page growth campaign on Facebook, whilst running contests across all three channels. We wanted to target a young audience who would be interested in buying imported American products, so we began speaking to them in a tone of voice they’d relate to.

The Result

The client was extremely satisfied with the service provided by Digital Media Team. Within just a few weeks we had:

  • Generated over 1000 Facebook likes.
  • Generated over 1200 Twitter followers.
  • Generated over 700 Instagram followers.

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