The Bristol Cookhouse

The Client

The Bristol Cookhouse is a hub for enthusiastic foodies with a focus on healthy cuisine, using locally and sustainably-sourced ingredients.

The Cookhouse is a project founded by professional chef and nutritionist Sam Waterhouse. Once opened, the Cookhouse will operate as a dining club/cafe during the day and an event space on evenings and weekends.

The Challenge

Sam wanted to build a social media presence ahead of the Cookhouse’s official opening, which was set for April 2018. As a busy professional – and a mother – Sam cited time constraints as the biggest reason for needing help with her social media. We wanted to work closely with her to ensure we had the right tools and materials to start building her brand and getting noticed by the right people.

Our Solution

The two platforms we decided to focus on initially for the Cookhouse were Facebook and Instagram. We built both pages, using Sam’s new branding, and started to post regular content that would appeal to her target audience of Bristol food lovers.

As the launch of the Cookhouse was a few months ahead of us, we needed to make a local audience aware of the project and what they could expect in the coming months.

We posted the ethos of the Cookhouse project, and started to build excitement by posting media of the build. We also ran contests on Facebook to win some of Sam’s homemade granola, and ran posts encouraging user engagement, asking people’s opinions on recipes and what they’d like to see at the Cookhouse.

We ran page growth campaigns on Facebook as well as brand awareness campaigns, helping push our content to the right people. 

The Result

We have made a strong start for The Bristol Cookhouse in just a few months. To date we have:

  • Built a Facebook audience of over 650 people, made up of local Bristol foodies.
  • Built an Instagram community that generates daily engagement, helping Sam network with influencers in her industry. 
  • Attracted Sam’s first Super Club partner, giving the Cookhouse its first solid booking.

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