Your New Smile

The Client

Your New Smile is a recently formed cosmetic dental clinic operating from partner practices across the UK. They aim to enable people to get the smile of their dreams without the hefty price tag that usually accompanies this. 

The Challenge

Having only just been established, Your New Smile did not have a social media presence when we took them on. They wanted a Facebook page to be set up, from which they could build brand awareness and generate leads for their four core services: 

  • Dental Implants
  • Smile in a Day
  • Veneers
  • Straight Teeth 

Our Solution

Our first move was to set up the Facebook page from which we would operate. We used the business logo as the profile picture and the eye-catching greyscale image from their website, to maintain brand continuity. We created a services tab with dental icons so that page visitors would be able to easily see what Your New Smile was all about. 

Once the page looked the part, we began posting content surrounding their products and services. The client has many great USPs such as affordability and finance plans, so we wanted to post about these benefits to encourage anyone browsing the page to get in touch. 

We utilised different types of Facebook posts such as ‘send message’ and ‘call now’, giving visitors a quick and simple way to enquire. 

In terms of advertising, we ran a page growth campaign in addition to lead generation adverts, allowing us to grow the audience whilst simultaneously generating new business. We pointed our adverts at a targeted local audience, allowing us to build a following of interested potential customers. 

The Result

  • We reached over 29,000 people, during the first month of our service.
  • We have consistently generated leads at a cost of less than £5 per lead.
  • We generated over £50,000 worth of confirmed business, from our first month of lead generation alone.
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