The client.

We were approached and selected as the agency to help market the UK Government and NHS England-approved app Corona-Help.UK. The chatbot had been created to help track the UK’s national effort to help save lives and stop the spread of COVID-19. Corona-Help.UK is a website based, anonymous chatbot, which asks users questions about their experience with coronavirus. The data can be downloaded by medical researchers and decision makers to help them understand how coronavirus might be spreading around the country and how to manage it.

The challenge.

Despite being an NHS-approved app which is listed on the NHS website, the accounts we ran the advertising and content from were obviously new accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and as such did not have blue ticks. We faced backlash from some members of the public who believed the chatbot was a scam and were worried about sharing data. We also came up against competition from Facebook themselves, who launched a very similar chatbot soon after we began advertising. The challenge of the campaign was to generate as many form submissions as possible, whilst maintaining a positive image across social media.

The results.

To date we have helped push the survey out to over 1.62million people and sent 52k people to the chatbot, with an average CPA of just £0.05.