The client.

Gumbies is a sustainable footwear brand which utilises natural or recycled materials where possible. The brand was conceived based on a strong ethical foundation, but with a visible point of difference. Finishing off with vibrant, but contemporary colours, each shoe tells a story – a blank canvas to express the founder’s beliefs and unique view of the world. The range of Flip-Flops, Sliders, Slippers and Shoes all have unique elements to them. Gumbies are now enjoyed globally, celebrating the outdoors, freedom, fun and functionality. Founder Michel believes life is too short for complication. Keep it simple. Ride a wave, climb a mountain, wear Gumbies.
dmt are proud to team up with Gumbies to provide paid social and PPC services, marketing to a huge international audience.

The challenge.

With a worldwide audience, Gumbies needed an agency who were experienced in targeting different countries and regions. We initially began talks with the client at a fashion expo many months ago, keeping in close contact from this point. By offering them tips and advice along the way, they knew they were in safe hands and that we had the necessary experience and know-how to take hold of their accounts. With the results to back it up across similar industries and an affordable price for the service offered, Gumbies were keen to sign up with us and began their service in spring 2020.

The results.

We took the Google Ads account over from a huge player in the PPC world – but not everything was up-to-scratch. Our dedicated teams worked their magic on poor management of the previous agency, introducing killer PPC copy and Display creative. Our PPC analysts made unprofitable search campaigns a thing of the past. We took automated bidding strategies powered by machine learning to the next level. Our short-term goal was to increase the efficiency of advertising spend across UK and US accounts. We are now looking to scale at a more profitable level. Here are the figures: Gumbies UK (1st May – 31st July compared to previous period): Orders (+92.4%), Revenue (+84.63%), ROAS (+51%) Gumbies USA (1st May – 31st July compared to previous period): Orders (+129.90%), Revenue (+113.62%), ROAS (+2.50%). The key takeaways for the progression of this account are active and reactive management – as we saw trends in the market we adapted our strategy to match this and we saw orders increase at a dramatic rate. Ensuring we were actively managing the account instead of letting it run itself, as many agencies are guilty of, was the real change this account needed. On the paid social side for the same period, we increased UK orders by 28% and increased reach by 127%; we increased US orders by 167% and increased impressions by 50%.