The client.

Inkifi offer an ethical photo printing service, allowing customers to frame their Instagram prints and other precious memories. Inkifi help their customers to cherish the moments that are truly important through premium quality prints, photo books, frames and more.  All Inkifi products are built with quality, design and sustainability in mind and a proportion of all sales goes to environmental charities.

The challenge.

The client approached us because they wanted help with growing the ROI of their online marketing. In addition to generating higher sales, they also wanted to break into a US audience. One key challenge is to encourage digital users into buying into the traditional ideals of print. Why would a digital-minded millennial, for example, wish to purchase a printed version of their images? Inkifi aims to inspire an online audience into discovering the beauty of print, and do so by offering gorgeous personalised photo gifts. By building a full-funnel paid social strategy in the Inkifi ad account, we managed to generate some fantastic results. Beautiful creative and captivating ad copy helped us to win over customers on both a prospecting and retargeting level.

The results.

Originally for their ad spend, Inkifi had a ROAS of 2.32. During our first month we upped the ad spend by £300, which Increased the ROAS to 4.57, resulting in a 238% increase on revenue. During our second month we increased spend by a further £300, resulting in an increased ROAS of 7.21. This gave our client a massive revenue boost of 375% from the original revenue. We returned £16,500 with a healthy ROAS of 7.21.