Minus 33

The client.

Minus 33 is a great tasting, reduced-calorie spirit drink. The  creators discovered that 33% ABV spirits tasted better, and came with just 46-48 calories a serve. The resulting product is not quite gin – it’s something better.

The spirit can’t legally be called gin because the ABV is below the minimum required 37.5%. Instead of going back to the drawing board, they decided to push forward with their 33% ABV spirit – believing this lower ABV to be the optimum bottling strength for taste.

The unique quirk of this drink has clearly been embraced, hence the name. Containing botanicals including juniper, angelica, orris, liquorice, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, lavender and elderflower, Minus 33 is light and refreshing.



The challenge.

The Minus 33 team approached Digital Media Team as they needed to pivot their business following the beginning of the UK lockdown. Having never advertised the product online previously, a full paid social and PPC funnel build was necessary in order to get underway. Another challenge is the lower ABV of the drink - a trait we decided to make use of when marketing the brand.

The results.

The campaigns went from strength to strength as 2020 progressed. By implementing full-funnel strategies across paid social and PPC, Minus 33 have gone from zero online ad spend to achieving an average ROAS this period of £8.