Neu Apparel

The client.

NEU Apparel is an exclusive women’s fitness brand, focusing on high-performance apparel with styles to suit different exercise types. NEU Apparel ship to UK, USA and Australian markets, with an increasing focus on new USA and AUS markets.

NEU Apparel wanted to create new on-brand ads that focused on driving sales and increasing return on ad spend. We enhanced their existing Facebook ads strategy to further improve ROAS.

The challenge.

We were tasked with both increasing the return on ad spend of their existing UK market, and also further increasing brand awareness in new countries including the US and Australia. We created on-brand ads, considering the full digital marketing funnel technique we use - awareness, consideration then conversion. We tailored our paid social strategy according to each market's country and state, using certain products and discounts for each market. The client later added PPC to their service, helping further boost their results.

The results.

NEU Apparel have enjoyed a fantastic start with Digital Media Team, and the client has expressed her satisfaction at working with such an approachable agency. The client initially had a ROAS of £2.55. We worked to rebuild their marketing funnel, streamlining the user journey. By January 2019, we decreased the ad spend by 10% but managed to increase the ROAS to 6.07. This provided an extra £13,000 in revenue for this month at a cheaper cost. The client definitely got more bang for their buck!