ODolls Collection

The client.

The ODolls Collection is an aspirational fashion brand, aimed towards the Instagram generation. By providing high quality fashion at affordable, mid-market prices, the ODolls help like-minded girls attain that influencer look.

The ODolls’ range is on-trend, feminine and reflective of the fast-paced lifestyle of the founders – the O’Donnell sisters.

Having amassed a huge and loyal social media following, the O’Donnell twins turned their hands to fashion design. The project has been a huge success to date, with many of the collections selling out immediately. The ODolls’ followers are engaged, tuning in to the twins’ digital lives faithfully.

The challenge.

On top of running a successful brand launch, the initial goal for the ODolls Collection was to build strong relationships with the customer base. By staying relevant and connected through social media and brand campaigns, the client aimed to build a visual aspirational lifestyle, enticing the consumer to want to purchase the latest products and be a part of a fashion movement.

To achieve the client’s objectives, we initially offered paid social and PPC services. As the ODolls had built up such an incredible follower base on social media, this was a great place from which to start. The client had also built up a large email list, which helped us massively when it came to creating custom audiences on Facebook.

We knew that this project was going to be pretty special, and we couldn’t wait to get started.

The results.

To date, we have put the brand in front of over 5 million users, generating an average ROAS of £20. For a brand that only launched in early 2020, the success has been absolutely unrivalled. We’re looking forward to plenty of future successes during this partnership.