Tokyo Laundry

The client.

Designed exclusively in England, the brand is characterised by using quality fabrics,  vintage laundered washes and detailed branding and trims which gives Tokyo Laundry its unique look and brand identity.  Tokyo Laundry is a young brand with a lot to offer all age groups and has a significant and growing presence across America and Europe.

The challenge.

Tokyo Laundry approached DMT as they had never undertaken any form of online advertising in a structured manner. Having built a strong brand, the client wanted to see if they could create another reliable revenue stream. With a solid organic strategy in place, we knew that paid social was the right route to pursue for the brand.

The results.

As expected, the client has taken to paid social extremely well, and audiences are responding positively to our ads at all stages of the funnel. The client is enjoying an average of an 8 ROAS on a one day click and one day view window. We've also seen click through rates of over 2%, which is higher than the industry standard.