Rainbows have descended upon Manchester, which can only mean…


Gay Village
Regram from @manchesterpride

Kicking off this evening at 5 pm, Manchester Pride promises to be a 4 day non-stop party involving Diva Karaoke, Bongo’s Bingo and some incredible headline acts.

Manchester Pride, known as The Big Weekend, celebrates LGBT+ life and has been going on for more than 25 years.

This year is no different and the city has embraced its flamboyant ways by covering every nook and cranny in rainbows.

Here are some of our favourite Pride-themed decorations you can find around Manchester:

Manchester Metrolink: 

Not only are they the quickest way to get around Manchester, but with their rainbow makeover they’re now the most stylish!


Spice up your morning caffeine fix by going to Costa and getting it in one of these rainbow cups! Definitely Instagram worthy.

Dive NQ: 

Tucked away in the trendy Northern Quarter, Dive NQ are offering this tasty looking treat topped with a rainbow bun.

Piccadilly Station: 

Who says your daily commute has to be boring? Get to work in style with this giant rainbow zebra crossing outside of Piccadilly station!


We adore this ‘brush of colour’ added to a walkway in Spinningfields!


Basically, Manchester Pride has taken over and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Long live the rainbows and prepare yourselves for a weekend of laughter, drag queens, colour, diversity and PRIDE.

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