September’s most memorable moments

To quote Earth, Wind And Fire, do you remember? Narrowing down the vast alternative universe of social media to our personal favourite moments throughout September is no easy feat, especially when it’s all been a bit of a blur! Nevertheless, here are DMT’s most memorable tweets and posts from the past month.

1. Ronaldo’s Red Card

When Cristiano Ronaldo signed for Juventus for a fee of £99.2 million there was, of course, a lot of excitement in Italy. Understandably, Juventus fans are very optimistic about their chances at winning the Champions League this year with Ronaldo in their squad, but they hit a major setback in their opening match against Valencia.

Ronaldo was red-carded. It was for a very soft challenge where the Portuguese star appears to briefly pull a Valencian defender’s hair. This usually would have earned Ronaldo a stern warning or yellow card, but a red? What came next was also unexpected – Ronaldo cried as he walked off the pitch, overcome with emotion. People were going crazy on Twitter over the booking and the player’s tears.

Should it have been a red? Was the referee too harsh? Why was Ronaldo crying? Is Messi better than him? These questions may never be answered, but the dramatic and somewhat controversial sending off is definitely one of September’s memorable moments.

2. Rahul wins the hearts of millions on GBBO

Bread Week is a firm favourite for fans of the Great British Bake Off; everyone knows and loves the famous ‘Bread Lion’ from series 6. This week’s Star Baker was none other than 30-year-old scientist Rahul, who has been branded as a ‘national treasure’ by viewers on social media after it was revealed that he “bakes to make new friends.”

Don't you just want to give Rahul a big hug?

Posted by The Great British Bake Off on Wednesday, 12 September 2018


Over the past month, his heart-warming moments have led viewers to jump onto Twitter, where they ask Rahul to be their friends and swear to protect the shy star in a flood of tweets and memes, with some even going so far to create fan art of the baker.

His nerves, lack of confidence, and awkwardness (let’s not forget when he apologised for getting a Hollywood Handshake) have had a big impact on GBBO’s viewers and on social media throughout September. We’re sure the love for Rahul will only continue as the competition progresses.

3. Queer Eye at the Emmys…can you believe?

 Although they’re used to transforming other people’s lives with their different areas of expertise, the guys from Queer Eye showed that one thing that they undeniably have in common is their ability to rock a red carpet.

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Emmys Crew 💫

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Photos of the boys at the Emmys went viral on Social Media, with many fans expressing their appreciation for the fashionable and bold looks. But not only that, the Fab Five caused a stir on Instagram when they posted snaps of them fangirling with other celebrities at the event. Tina Fey, John Legend and Sarah Paulson are just a few famous faces to be featured, but perhaps one of the biggest names, and DMT’s personal fave, was one Jonathan Van Ness took of him and Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

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Found my dragon mum @emilia_clarke

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Besides hanging out with A-Listers, the boys also presented the award for Lead Actor in a Drama Series, where they suggested makeovers for each of the nominees (you can see that here). Safe to say, they OWNED the Emmys and Twitter that night!

4. Two Scottish partygoers became the Internet’s latest meme

You know how it goes. One minute you’re chatting to one of your mates at some club and the next your face is plastered all over the internet and social media…well, maybe that last bit doesn’t happen all the time. It did, however, happen to the pair below who were snapped during an awkward looking interaction at Milk nightclub in Edinburgh.

Posted by Milk Tuesdays on Wednesday, 19 September 2018


Dubbed ‘the most relatable nightclub photo in the history of art,’ the image was posted to the club’s Facebook, and from there it spiralled across the internet as social media users spotted its meme potential, leading to people to guess what was being said during the conversation.

In reality, the two are good friends as Capital Scotland found out when they tracked down the pair. And as for what the conversation was really about, neither of them can remember…so that means everyone can carry on imagining whatever they like!

5. Twitter tries to decode the Feels Like Summer video

Childish Gambino‘s animated video for Feels Like Summer had barely been online for less than a week before the internet was inundated with theories regarding the meaning behind it. As per his last hit, This is America, Twitter users took note of every last detail, from the song lyrics to the star-studded cartoon cameos.

Lyrics include warning people about global warming, whilst the celebrity scenes featuring Kanye West’s MAGA hat, Nicki Minaj playing with Travis Scott, as well as a solemn image of Chris Brown made for lots of discussion online. Whilst many on social media attempted to analyse the video’s references, most of the attention was on the Kanye moment – where Michelle Obama appears behind him, only to hug the crying rapper. Not all of the reactions to this were positive.

Some suggested it’s actually Kanye’s mother Donda West, not Michelle Obama, depicted in the video. The only thing that’s clear is Childish Gambino, who has an album called ‘Because the Internet,’ once again had the internet talking.

*Bonus* – Our favourite Tweet of the Month

Read the response thread to this tweet, you won’t be disappointed!

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